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tv   [untitled]    July 16, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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when we confront day by day. so to change, to educate, to give information to particular communities who out of the outreach is complicated sometimes. so for a good time to continue to do this with the young of what happened with the proposition. thank you so much for creating this environment right now. thank you. >> hello, my name is ruben cast yoes. i work for coca-cola. i'm here on behalf of teamsters. we oppose this tax. we feel it's going to affect our lives. i started this industry when i was 18. i'm 32 now. i have a 24 -hour
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job, i have health care, teamster pension in the green zone and now an 18-year-old that isn't cut out for college. i wasn't cut out for college. that's why i too k this job. these are good paying jobs for us. what's going to happen to us if this passes it's not just a soda tax. there is more than soedz
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being taxed. we are labeled as bad people which i feel us as workers are being attacked for this.das being taxed. we are labeled as bad people which i feel us as workers are being attacked for this. thank you. >> good afternoon. my name is mitchell parker and i'm a
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parent. and in district 1 and i work a few blocks away from the public housing. i'm here representing the second district pta. we unanimously endorse this measure or this initiative, the legislation in february. i'm also here representing the parents of political action committee and we are supported this initiative back in the fall. i think we can agree that parents want the same thing and that is the best chance for success for their children. so i encourage you to support this legislation. >> i'm paul ash from the san francisco marin bank. we ask you to pass this to the full board with a positive recommendation.
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>> good afternoon, i'm the executive director. i fully support this. i'm very excited from the moment i heard about this. my board has not taken up a position yet and the position that the council has hesitated until this point. i look forward to supporting it once it's moved forward and moving it through all the affiliation to get through this endorsement. thank you for all that you have done. >> thank you very much. >> my name is jessica buchholz. i'm also a public school parent and have two children in the public schools. my children lost their grandfather to type two diabetes. i want to stand here in strong support of this and let you know the membership
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is also supporting this because we want to look after the health of our students. thank you. >> thank you for your work. my name is miguel robles. i'm the cofounding and coordinator of the self alliance. from the 600,000 items we can find in the grocery stores. 80 percent contain sugar. this is an addictive ingredient they are using to sell more. the other thing is where is this sugar coming from. it's genetically modified. it's with corn and we don't know what going to help with our health. the fda has been approving a lot. they determine what is safe and all the different kind of things.
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they also say that this is safe, it's sugar, but sugar is not food. it's just an ingredient, it's addictive. i think there will come a time when they will be banning this kind of agreed ingredient -- because it's very unhealthy to our health. >> lisa messer a teacher in the city college of san francisco. as you heard our members have taken a support mention on the tax. it's an opportunity for san francisco and a responsibility for san francisco to move forward and to lead in terms of community health and education and we strongly support the tax. thank you. >> thank you supervisors,
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it's been a business morning -- for the parks. it's clearly evident to all of us that we have a health crisis in our midst with dual threat of obesity and diabetes. this proposal originally cal crated about $7.5 million for the parks and recreation program. supervisor wiener, that seems to be a low estimate, we think it even higher than that. finally this will improve our programming to be able to address this health crisis in a very positive way. we strongly endorse this and encourage you to move forward with this. >> thank you very much. >> good afternoon, supervisors, again, did uncan.
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i want to express how much i appreciate your efforts by introducing and including you're names as sponsors to ensure this initiative becomes a right. as a senior citizen and health advocate you have made it possible to learn about the significant impacts on sugary health drinks and health. i have that had opportunity to speak with card iologist and other professionals and having to get clear answers and learning options. the hearings represented never a sign of arrogance. you have provided the transparency and shown respect to us in how best to improve our health. the data used in the legislation has been produced and
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collaborated by well-known and respected health and academic institutions. there has been one clear message in the care about our health, today and tomorrow and to the future. you will not pick up your marbles and leave. if you do it is because san francisco will be the catalyst in successful if the passage and other cities will be seeking our impact, input, knowledge and support for their own initiatives. in conclusion, again, i, my family, friends in my communities thank you for involving us in this very productive and essential legislation. what a great legacy to leave. as i se"si se puede". >> >> good afternoon, everyone. my name is brittany and the
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director for the american heart association. i'm here to give our strong support for this initiative. we all know that public health does not exist in a vacuum. we do know that housing displacement, education and job security are all extremely important and tangible in the city of san francisco. when the american berj beverage associations talks about this, we don't need the beverage association manipulating our community and telling them that this is going to bleed into their shopping carts and, you know basically make it completely impossible to live m san francisco. this is a common sense law. this is really no the that radical. it's two $0.02 per ounce and the
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money is going back in the community that will benefit the revenue. i thank you all for your leadership and hope the board of supervisors sends this on to the ballot with a unanimous vote. we show that you care about this public and you are hitting it head on. >> good afternoon. my name a laura bell and i'm a clinical social workers and i have children. i have helped young mom's whose homes i have come into where the baby bottles are filled with coke. i asked them why are you feeding the child two-year-old coquina bottle and they say it's cheaper than milk. i'm thrilled that i a huge portion of this money is going towards
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education because a lot of mom's don't mean to do the wrong thing. they are not educated. the money that goes towards education in this bill just makes me feel so proud of this city and what we are doing. so i really support it and thank you very much for your work. >> thank you very much. is there any additional public comment on this item, please come forward. >> good afternoon. item kate listen with the parks alliance. it's a busy day for parks and we are happy to be here in support of the tax. i want to speak on behalf of the organization that we represent through our par ner program that are also in support of these sodas tax. the hidden garden, friends of
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plaza park and we strongly encourage you to pass this along and we are excited for this tax. thank you. >> thank you very much. is there any additional public comment on this item? seeing none, mr. chairman, may we close public comment? >> public comment is now closed. >> colleagues, i thank you for this time and thank you to the departmental staff and thank you to the public. it is time to pass this out of committee to the full board of supervisors. i want to acknowledge and thank the teamsters for being here today. i had numerous conversations with the teamsters before and after and regularly over time i understand that it is a challenging issue for the union. i also know the
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teamsters believe in public health as well and there are many many healthy products at the teamsters members bring to our stores and our city for our residents. i want to thank the other representative of labors from ufcw and aft who were here as well and i want to thank you for continuing the discussion in the labor community and beyond. i also wanted to just reiterate supervisor mar's thank you to our staff because this has just been a terrific joint effort among various offices. which you don't always see that happening but a really coequal collaboration and i really want to thank jeff in my office, peter from supervisor mar's office and supervisor cohen's office. with that, mr. chairman i make a motion to forward the soda tax to the full board to the
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supervisors with a positive recommendation. >> thank you very much. i will call the roster. supervisor breed? >>supervisor london breed: i just want to make a comment because this is a difficult process for me because i'm adamant leo posed to putting forth a beverage tax period. i wanted to make sure that i checked in with folks that i know people that i support, checked in with my community and formally. i know there has been a study at ucsf and looking at other data about this and just really trying to connect the data to actual people that i know in my community who are kids who drink sugary soft drinks and trying to make the connection. eye still -- i have still not been able to do that. the data is there and i'm not
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disputing the data, but the data relates to my experience is not connected. that doesn't mean it's actually not correct data. i'm not part of the beverage industry or any corporation. so i guess in some ways i do resent the fact that it's implied that if you don't support this tax that you are somehow associated with the beverage industry folks who are unfortunately targeting our community to oppose this tax in the first place. i get that. but everyone has the right to purchase what they want. they have the right to drink what they want. they have the right to do what it is they want and i realize that this is a real challenge especially with young people and in poorer communities, but the problem that i have, the bigger problem that i have which i said before is where are the
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healthier alternatives. single family house -- i know supervisor mar said the bottled water in schools. where are these items to purchase because kids are going to purchase these items. the programs we talk about funding don't always support the kids that we are talking about changing the behaviors. there is no direct connection to ensure that the population that we are talking about that's impacted by diabetes how are they going to be directly supported through the health care industry, through the schools, through the non-profits. i understand why you are moving this forward. i understand that there is a lot of research and supporters that want to put this forward.
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i'm fine to send this to the voters to decide on this issue. i want to make it clear that i don't support it and i don't think it's a good idea and there are better ways for utilizing resources to address better health and snaeft safety in our neighborhoods and i wanted to make it clear. >> supervisor mar? >>supervisor eric mar: i want to thank supervisors for bringing these issues. i know from alternatives besides water that this soda tax exempt 100 percent fruits and vegetable drinks and milk secretary -- substitute like
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soy. the effort that we are taking with matt haney and others in the school district with other board of education members and their sustainability department to ensure there is strong access to water stations. i wanted to say that supervisor breed and others have raised other questions too about sodas and other types of sugary and i will just say that christina gota and from department of public health that liquid forms of sugar are different from consuming cakes or other types of products that in many ways the impact on the liver and also our body doesn't tell us to stop consuming sugary beverages and that's critical between sugary beverages in
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drinks like this. our coalition s f has been great in getting this out there. the campaign is leading to more opportunities in the high school and not just here but centers four youth population is getting the message out there. i'm hoping these types of questions that keep coming up will see youth oriented ways to explain many different communities. i think it was reverend walker from the bayview that said that science is on our side. i think if we go through all the hearings on the impact on the african american community and latino that i think that scenes -- science comes out and i think it's important for our department to raise awareness in schools and public places
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as well. i want to say every single pen will be spent in an accountable way. supervisor laid out at different hearings that an independent body of parents, health experts and youth and others will over see how to money is spent. the $30-50 million a year is going to be accountable to make sure it's going to schools, parks and open space and department of public health and the community base organizations that will help with the process. the last thing, that it's not just san francisco, i will be cheering and many of us cheering on voters as they address their soda tax as well. i think on a national level as others have said, the centers for science in the public interest yale for obesity and public health add vocey are looking into san
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francisco and how our communities respond to the onslaught of political mailers from the american befrnl beverage association and others and apparent and youth and others the david and goliath battle this soda. i think we are going to be a strong supporter. i would like to thank all of those that have been here from the beginning for many many years. i'm very proud that we'll be moving this forward today and then to the full board. >> supervisor avalos? >>supervisor john avalos: thank you, i want to make sure that my support is clear and i'm in full support of this measure going to the ballot. i want to thank supervisor
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wiener and mar for their support on this and the partnership as well and of course many of the community members who are also fighting for this measure. it does many things and helps bring revenue for some parks and providing help inform many -- families and we are promoting health as well. the cost of the impacts of sugar sweetened befrms -- beverage are great. this cost of what this tax will be and we know the cost of going, the everyday cost of taking people to the hospital are enormous in terms of time and effort and energy and the cost of medical care can be great. we
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can be minimizing those cost and the impact of cost have beverages is going to be. i'm actually very disgusted by the beverage industry and the money they have spent and the cost that it will be, it's literally disgusting. that's the policy they play in san francisco. there is a strong grass roots to education for the ballots to show that this will prevail. thank you. look forward to this in november. >> supervisor wiener? >> >>supervisor scott weiner: thank you. i want to thank you for your comments. supervisor breed you and i have been on
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a multi-dialogue and back and forth on this conversation. i want to thank you for really length and being willing to send this to the voters. i preernt -- appreciate that. i also appreciate breed's acknowledge in the data and science here. what everyone's view is, the data and science really are disputable at this point. the data in terms of the linkages between these beverages and very serious diseases deflecting our community, diabetes, liver disease, other health problems thab -- that are dproeshtly impacting the community. the data and science validating
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this tax. dr. come dom go who presented a study showing the alkaline of this. our own city economist as well as the actual experience that we are seeing in mexico which quickly saw a decline in consumption after the passage of mexico's soda tax last year. we know in this country that a series of cigarette taxes over the years have been the single most important things in collapsing smoking rates in the country and savings lives. the same arguments we hear p the soda tax or against the soda tax we heard against cigarette taxes that it's trying to dictate people and what to do and people are going to buy cigarettes anyway and it's not
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going to work. we know it's work and this is going to work as well. i appreciate everyone's open mind and look forward to sending this to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> just a few comments. i'm very sensitive to concerns raised about this esh, but at the end of the day i come out as an apparent and i can't deny what i have seen and recognize we have a health issue. we need to be moving in this direction and really focusing on this issue from a health perspective and the way this is constructed is very appropriate for that and i want to commend supervisor mar and wiener for all of the hard work. i know this campaign has been going on for a while. i know there is much to come.
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with reservation i will be voting for this and supporting it. we have a motion on the floor and a second. madam clerk, will you do a roll call on that. >> motion by supervisor mar, aye, avalos aye, breed, hee, wiener, aye. 5 ayes. [ applause ] okay. 5 ayes. that item will be sent to the full board with a full recommendation to the committee. madam clerk the next item up item no. 9. mr. wagner is here. city clerk: item no. 9. leasing of equipment. >> thank you. wagner from the
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department of public health. we have code change before you today. it's a minor amendment to clarify that we would be able to take advantage of certain types of lease transactions for the procurement of equipment of the new san francisco general hospital. as you maybe aware that we currently have under the admin code authority the purchase through the university health systems consortium which is a group that allows hospital to pull our purchasing power with other hospitals to get more favorable rates. we think for the new hospital there are several pieces of equipment that would be financially advantageous to lead through this current system. however it's currently am ambiguous about our code. i want to get
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clarifying language to allow the tool for savings near the for the budget. >> okay. do we have a budget analyst report. we'll open up to public comment. seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues can we send this forward. we have a motion and a second by supervisor avalos and we'll take that without objection. madam clerk, call item no. 10. city clerk: resolution amending resolution 265-13 to revise the scope of the work for an emergency trt from six to five digesters at the southeast water pollution control plant and increase the contract not to exceed $14, 535, 427.